Please take a few moments to read this. It is important to you as a free thinking individual

You may not be aware of this but later in the year the UK government, in your name, is planning to block access to all adult web sites or sites they or their agents do not approve of. This could well include ours. What this means is that they will require you to register your personal details with an insecure website to verify your age. In reality they are not interested in your age but in finding favor with the extreme elements within their party and society in general. For full information on this please take a look at some of the articles on  we will not repeat those arguments here.

To take this one stage further, you may not be aware but they have already, with the help of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) started blocking websites they  do not agree with or which show spanking or other pornographic or adult art films. Please take a look at this article;   

You, like us may not be happy with this situation so what can you do? You can join and support

If you wish to continue to see your favorite sites then you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is totally legal and above board and no one can trace your surfing or see what you are viewing.

There are many providers out there but be careful. Those offering this service for free very often install malware or other virus ware onto your computer. We recommend you use a paid for service, it is in reality very cheap and very secure and very easy to use. One we can recommend is

It’s very simple, you log in through your VPN, picking any country in the world. You can then surf the net safe in the knowledge that you will find the sites they have blocked and that your identity is secret and safe.

You still have time to protest to your MP, tell them you do not approve of this form of censorship, tell them you are an adult and want to make up your own mind what you look at and what web sites you visit.